8it App VFX

Motion Graphics
8it app is “the simplest way to find the best food in New York City.” Founders Steve Raggiani and Joe Scalo developed an app that brings hangry New Yorkers food from the best restaurants in as few steps as possible. The app skips the hassle of reading through thousands of opposing reviews and tell you what’s good with smart, to the point key words. 

The team has continued to work on their social presence by producing video series that help NY restaurants and chefs build a voice and gain recognition. Working under Raggiani’s creative direction, I was asked to animate previously designed logos for two separate video series, 8it Grilled and 8it Worthy.

In addition to this, I was given full reign to animate a set of pre-designed static stickers that would live on Instagram stories and other social platforms. You can use them through this Giphy link.