NYC–based designer & motion graphics artist born in Buenos Aires and raised in São Paulo.

Call Me Juli

[with a J that sounds like an H]

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I am a hybrid graphic & motion designer with a BFA in Communication Design and a minor in Creative Entrepreneurship from Parsons School of Design. Currently, I work at PepsiCo within their Pepsi-Lipton joint venture.

As a designer and strategic thinker, my interests lie between the realms of branding and advertising, as they both deal with human-centered experiences and emotion-driven interactions. I’ve moved around a lot in my life, and through this, I learned that the real ties we make to any physical space are based on the connections we make to people and their cultures. My designs are better informed when I pay attention to people's values and aspirations– what motivates them, what troubles them, and what changes they seek within their society.

Whether it's entering an untapped market with a completely new product or reimagining the way people interact with brands, I focus on identity and culture. After all, brands are informed by culture and culture transforms society.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for freelance work or just to say hi!

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