Brisk Lemon Zero Sugar Drop 

Web & Motion Graphics
To launch the new Brisk Lemon Zero Sugar Iced Tea, Brisk partnered with sneaker artist Dan Gamache (AKA “Mache”) to develop a one of a kind influencer kit that celebrates sneakerheads. The campaign debuted on TikTok and Instagram, inviting consumers to start from zero and create art for a chance to win a pair of custom-painted Brisk Zero sneakers. The “Unlock Your Zero Drop” kit allowed consumers to unlock their sneakers and showcase their customized kicks on a layered platform shadowbox.

Through natural sharing, influencer partnerships, and prize sweepstakes, the hashtag #JustAddBriskZero reached over 4.5B views on TikTok during the launch phase.

As a designer on the team, I assisted with the creation of all digital assets and video editing of the influencer kit sizzle. I was also a part of concepting through creation of the actual “Unlock Your Zero Drop” influencer kit.