Citi Sound Vault Animations

Creative Directors: Angelo D’Agostino, Jeff Nicholas
Senior Art Director: Louie Zuniga
Art Director: Chelsea Cook
Graphic Designer: Anna Haggerty
3D/Motion Designer: Julia Isman
Citi Sound Vault is a year-round activation platform that offers Citi cardmembers exclusive access to major acts playing in intimate venues. As part of the Live Nation design team for the project this year, I was tasked with animating a set of digital posters that were displayed in the venues of the Madonna and Guns N’ Roses shows. In addition to this, I was also asked to create a custom 3D animation for a project Case Study.

Every Citi Sound Vault show has an individual look and feel that bridges the aethetic of each specific artist with the grand identity of the Citi brand platform. I worked with the Creative team to add movement into their original admat designs. This involved adding a glitch effect to a rotating 3D asset in one case, and making flowers bloom in the other.

The case study video, on the other hand, was about creating a 3D animated space that would give viewers the illusion of walking into a branded bank vault. A glimpse into all the opportunities that Citi cardmembers could unlock with their mobile wallet. Here, I worked strictly in Cinema 4D to create both intro and outro sequences for a longer case study video that was post-edited by the Live Nation content team.