Lady Gaga x Adobe Creative Tour

Art Direction: Louie Zuniga
Copywriting: Judy Rummell
Design: Anna Haggerty & Julia Isman
Adobe, a creative industry leader, has partnered with Live Nation to elevate their business among live music’s biggest fans. The Adobe Creative Tour gives creators around the world a chance to show off their skills to the biggest names in music through design-based challenges that unlock concert tickets, meet & greets, merch, and VIP flyaways. 

In the latest creative feat, we partnered with Lady Gaga and challenged fans to create a poster inspired by her hit song, “Rain on Me” for a chance to win $10,000. Adobe not only used this campaign to drive engagement of their classic creative suite of products, but they also used this campaign as a moment to promote their newest app, Photoshop Camera. 

As the go-to digital & 3D designer in the team, I was asked to create 3 custom Photoshop Camera Lenses to transport fans into Gaga’s visual “Rain on Me” world. Working directly with Adobe’s design engineers, I learned how to create and set up a PsC file from scratch while they were still in beta-mode. The Adobe team was ecstatic about the launch of these lenses and really pleased with the results that drove over 38K downloads within 3 weeks of the campaign’s launch.

Our design team was also tasked with creating sample entries for the campaign’s launch. Gaga’s team was so happy with the key art I created that they asked to use it as the main campaign imagery instead of her original press photo.

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