“The Amazon Assignment” by Yachak Yerba Mate 

Campaign Concept & Design, Photography Guidelines

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Shutterstock “The Reforestation Collection”
In 2022, Yachak Yerba Mate partnered with National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale and One Tree Planted to send an aspiring photographer to the Amazon Rainforest on the trip of a lifetime. We created a sweepstakes campaign where one lucky winner, chosen by Ami, would become our brand photographer and travel deep into the Amazon for a two-week adventure capturing native plants, wildlife, and culture. 

Yachak set an ambitious goal to plant over 500,000 trees in partnership with One Tree Planted through 2024. Chris Poplawski, Southern-California native photographer, was selected to head out to the area, along with local guides, to document the reforestation efforts implemented by the brand collaboration.

This project culminated with a library of jaw-dropping reforestation imagery on Shutterstock, where licensing fees support reforestation efforts in the Amazon, led by One Tree Planted. With this collection, Yachak aims to tell a story beyond what is traditionally conveyed with brand-owned content, bringing greater visibility to what’s happening in the Amazon, where Yachak organically sources all of its ingredients.

As a designer in the Yachak Yerba Mate (Pepsi-Lipton JV) team, I was involved in this project from concept through execution.