Lady Gaga x Adobe Creative Tour

Art Direction: Louie Zuniga
Copywriting: Judy Rummell
Campaign Design: Anna Haggerty
Lens & Key Visual Design: Julia Isman
Adobe, a creative industry leader, partnered with Live Nation to elevate their business among live music’s biggest fans. The Adobe Creative Tour gives creators around the world a chance to show off their skills to the biggest names in music through design-based challenges that unlock concert tickets, meet & greets, merch, and VIP flyaways. 

In the latest creative feat, the Adobe Create Tour challenged fans to create a poster inspired by Lady Gaga’s hit song, “Rain on Me” for a chance to win a cash prize. Through this campaign, Adobe drove engagement of their Creative Cloud and promoted their newest app, Photoshop Camera. 

As the go-to motion & 3D designer in the team, I was asked to create 3 custom Photoshop Camera Lenses to transport fans into Gaga’s visual “Rain on Me” world. Working directly with Adobe’s design engineers during their beta-testing phase, I learned how to create and set up a PsC file from scratch. In addition to that, I was also able to create the key art used to promote the campaign.

Live Nation x Twitch

Creative Direction: Angelo D’Agostino
Art Direction: Chelsea Cook, Anthony Barresi
Design & Motion: Julia Isman
Live Nation partnered with Twitch in 2020 to create a music channel that allows fans from all around the globe to watch their favorite artists perform in iconic venues through custom, sponsored livestreams. 

We designed a full brand system to be used across the Live Nation channel. That included elements such as a video trailer introducing viewers to our channel, channel panels promoting the brand and the artist, social assets for artists and hosts, and stream assets like frames, countdowns, animated green screens, and lower thirds. Throughout the design process, we imagined what it meant to create an aesthetic for a virtual venue, and in doing so, we adapted Live Nation’s brand system into a new digital identity.

Below are a couple different takes on the 10 second countdowns I created for separate livestreams by Ruffles and Microsoft.

Citi Sound Vault Animations

Creative Direction: Angelo D’Agostino, Jeff Nicholas
Art Direction: Louie Zuniga, Chelsea Cook
3D & Motion Design: Julia Isman
Citi Sound Vault is a year-round activation platform that offers Citibank cardmembers exclusive access to major acts playing in intimate venues across the US. The series kicks off in January with a coveted lineup of exclusive shows in Los Angeles during Grammy week. Each night, a different artist performs at a well-known venue for an exclusive Citi Sound Vault event.

Every Citi Sound Vault show has an individual look and feel that bridges the aethetic of each specific artist with the grand identity of the Citi Sound Vault series. Throughout each venue, we utilized digital screens to display motion posters that help capture the audience’s attention. Below are a few examples from the 2020 Grammy Week Citi Sound Vault shows, as well as the 2019 Madonna and Guns N’ Roses show. Ads were displayed throughout the venue, on social platforms, and on digital billboards in Los Angeles.

Below are small snippets of 3D animations I created for a Citi Sound Vault case study.
The production ask included creating a 3D animated space that gives viewers the illusion of walking into a branded bank vault– A glimpse into all the opportunities that Citi cardmembers can unlock with their mobile wallet. Here, I worked strictly in Cinema 4D to create both intro and outro sequences for a longer case study video that was post-edited by the Live Nation Content team.

Grabst a Pabst Music Memories

Creative Direction: Steve Raggiani
Art Direction: Chelsea Cook
Design & Motion: Julia Isman
Music: Ian Daly
Live Nation partnered with Pabst Blue Ribbon to offer creatives a chance to win $3,000 in concert tickets. To enter, creators had to submit a DIY piece of art that reminded them of their favorite live music memory. As a part of the Live Nation Creative Team, I was tasked with animating the video promo to be featured on the official sweeps website and Instagram account. 

Topological Typography

Parsons School of Design, Senior Thesis 2019
This project explores the concept of topological letterforms, as they transform in space over time. Topology is the mathematical study of the geometric properties of space that are preserved under continuous deformations, such as stretching, twisting, crumpling, and bending. The main variable in the exploration is the expansion of edges and vertexes— or in other words, how the degree to which one rounds a letterform creates different results and legibility, as parts of the form come together and overlap.

The study came from an initial research into how body movement affects the manipulation of form. It was first investigated through a lens of aerial acrobatics, looking at how the body, the first topology, interacts with aerial silks or an aerial hoop, the second topology. Using a vocabulary of manipulations that the body makes with the silk, I created an index of terms that could similarly be applied to a typeface, such as twisting, expanding, rounding, and loosening. Through this, I tested how extreme the degree of deformation could be before the type became illegible, as well as how minimally it could be applied for the letter to still be part of a system.

Research involved a multi-step process: testing the levels of letterform deformation to create a system, producing an infinite range of weights for a resultant typeface through manipulation over time, and finally using a static version of this typeface applied to a second topological form, a simple rectangular prism. Finally the work expanded on how the application of a kinetic typeface changes the medium to which it is applied.
Putting together the different components of research led to the creation of a topological typeface called El Circo. Its design expresses fluidity and movement, as its curved terminals and rounded geometry are analog to the agile acrobats of a contemporary circus. Its weights are solely based on the expansion of edges and vertexes over time, and it can do so both in 2D and 3D realms. The final type specimen is presented as a set of motion posters. The letterforms push the limits of dimension by having an infinite range of weights, as the soft dynamics of the form are affected by action and reaction. All of this is tied together under the umbrella of a circus because it is, after all, where it all began.

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